Capas II / Manuel Prendes


Serie Capas (II).
Serie de 3 risografías de Manuel Prendes impresas en Raum Press.

- Dos tintas (azul y rojo) en papel Munken Print Cream A3+ (32,5x45 cm) de 90 g.
- Serie de 10 obras firmadas y numeradas.
- Edición cerrada, nos comprometemos a no reestampar obras posteriores a la tirada original.

Layers series (II).
This series of 3 risographs has been made by Manuel Prendes and printed in Raum Press.

- Duotone (blue and red) on A3+ Munken Print Cream paper (32,5x45 cm) of 90 g.
- Limited run of 10. All of the prints are numbered and signed by the artist.
- Once the limited edition is sold out, it will be closed.